Elementary School Wellness Programs

Empowered Wellness delivers best-of-breed wellness solutions for elementary schools, built on our proprietary platform:  SMALL CHANGES ADD UP TO BIG IMPROVEMENTS!

After delivering a keynote presentation (“What is True Student Development?”) at a Fairfax County Public School annual kickoff event for Principals and Assistant Principals, we were hired by the county to complete wellness best practice consultations with ~30 of their diverse school administrative teams. The purpose was to understand the current state of wellness in those communities, the desired state, and the challenges in getting there. We thoroughly evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of all legacy wellness programs and policies.  We corralled all of the well-intended but disconnected wellness activities, events, and education.  We took the time to interview the school wellness champions, teachers, students, and a variety of parents from diverse cultures and socioeconomic situations.

Leveraging our team's core expertise in nourishment, fitness, and our wellness coaching, we developed an goal-oriented program that will inspire staffs and students alike.  We address wellness comprehensively in areas such as drinking, eating, exercising, and scheduling (i.e.: daily routines, sleep, and screen time). It includes:

  • S.M.A.R.T. wellness goals program for students and staff, that tie together all school wellness content and activity
  • Popular school assemblies
  • Hands-on after-school enrichment programs for kids and teachers
  • PTA presentations and workshops
  • Online classes for "busy" parents
  • Activity books and other materials that connect at school and at home

Although we highly recommend using the wellness program as a platform to support other components, schools can choose individual pieces and add others later. Our messages are so simple that it's common for even first graders to repeat them to us a year after we've presented to their Kindergarten class!

We have such incredible momentum and purpose in the school since unveiling this program. Students can’t wait to get started on their goals and collecting their symbols of achievement!
— Elementary School Principal
I just wanted to mention that our staff seems as excited as the kids about how this program is going;) They are relieved that it didn’t add any more stress to their already demanding workload and as evidenced by their tracking poster, most are making what seems to be sustainable improvement on their own small change goals. You certainly did shake things up and inspire us with the compelling demonstrations in the assembly. Love it!
— Elementary School Assistant Principal
You created an excitement for healthy eating at the school after just one short presentation! Students are using their new knowledge within the school and at home! The messages are simple and get the students energized!
— Assistant Principal Andrea DePiro, Armstrong ES
Starting the day of your school assembly, my kids have been asking for “more farm foods and less factory foods”. I mentioned it to my friends and they had a similar experience with their own children! We’ve since heard people refer to a healthier school environment that coincided with your involvement and we hope that Empowered Wellness will continue helping us to make meaningful and lasting improvements!
— PTA President in Fairfax County, VA
It was a great presentation and the kids really enjoyed it! The main messages (water is the best drink and eat foods from farms, not factories) were perfect for our age groups!
— Principal Shane Wolfe, Aldrin ES