Thank you for your interest in our unique offerings! 

Enrichment Programs for Kids:  There are tremendous complexities in planning and arranging our "best of breed" programs. Well in advance of camps or classes, we’re securing and often renovating facilities, hiring and training "A" Player staff members, and acquiring a significant amount of premium supplies, including food and attire for everyone involved. All of these things are projected by the ongoing registration data. 

We certainly understand that circumstances change and that families may need to make adjustments. We like to encourage them to move to another session when they need to make a change. Please call or email us to discuss potential solutions.  If your situation demands that you cancel all together:

Cancellations > 30 days before camp begins:  Facility deposits are put down, staff is hired, and equipment and attire are purchased months in advance of camp starting.  If you need to cancel > 30 days before camp begins, we’ll need to retain $125 of the registration fees to help cover those costs. 

Cancellations 15-30 days before camp:  If you need to cancel between 15-30 days before camp, we’ll need to retain 50% of the registration fees to additionally help cover costs for all the supplies that are purchased during that timeframe. 

If < 15 days prior to start of camp session, we can’t offer a refund as (in addition to what we’ve already mentioned) we’ll have also purchased the food and all other supplies. 

Online Classes: If you're not satisfied with the online classes for any reason, we can prorate the remaining registration fee as long as you notify us within 15 days of your registration.  

Products: We do not offer refunds on our activity books, magnets or kits but we can offer an exchange for coolers and aprons if there is a problem with one of those items. 

Please use the contact form if you have any questions. 

Thank you!


Thank you for registering your child for an Empowered Wellness Enrichment Program.  We are committed to providing them a premium experience during our time together.  As such, please know that we only hire and train the best talent to lead our programs but almost all of them are part-time contractors that we compensate with hourly wages.  Most have other part-time work, school or family obligations.

We do understand that real life interferes with parent's schedules but out of respect for our Coaches' other commitments, we've implemented a late pick up policy that has helped us keep them on schedule.  Students are expected to be picked up promptly at the scheduled program times.  If you are unsure of those times, please verify them before the program begins.

We extend a courtesy 5-minute grace period to accommodate unexpected issues.  A fee of $1 / child / minute will be assessed beyond the 5-minute grace period.  This is comparable to most PTA Late Pick Up Policies in our schools.  We'll appreciate your respect for this necessary policy and pay any incurred fees before your child returns to the Empowered Wellness Enrichment Program at the next scheduled time.  You can bring a check made out to Empowered Wellness.  Please do not write checks to the coach or give them cash.  

It's not our intention to profit from this policy.  Our sole motivation is to position the Coach to leave on time.  Should you incur the late pick-up fee on 3 separate dates, you may risk being dismissed from the program until the next season that it's offered.  

Please use the contact form if you have any questions. 

Thank you!