Teams use fun experiments learn about the connection between nourishment and human performance! 

Fun / Interactive Science Experiments (STEM) and Cooking Lessons in the Lab and the Kitchen

  • Hands-on activities where kids use the scientific method to answer a series of questions about food then learn how to cook with it!
  • Students keep all art and kitchen projects, as well as complementary apparel!

Team Building & Project / Problem-based Learning

  • Teams work individually and together to solve problems and record activities in their lab notebooks!
  • Kids empowered to adjust recipes to match their preferences or unique dietary needs!
  • Final project is a "Poster Show" where kids show off their unique mind-maps and other creations!

Focus on Connection between Real Food and Healthy Living

  • Fun curriculum that fuels the mind, body and imagination!
  • Riddle Scavenger Hunt at local Farmers' Market!
  • Lunch included (dietary restrictions considered - foods prepared by students)!


  • Kids aged 8-13 are grouped based on age
  • 8:1 Nutrition educated Coach to student ratio

Where and when?

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Brought to you by the partnership of Empowered Wellness and the University of Marylands' Department of Nutrition & Food Science.