Registration for Food Science Camp - Summer 2016

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Registration for Food Science Camp - Summer 2016


How do Super Foods make Superhumans?

Teams use fun experiments to answer questions about food science and learn about the connection to healthy eating! 

Interactive Science Experiments (STEM) and Cooking Lessons in the Lab and the Kitchen

  • Hands-on activities where kids use the scientific method to answer a series of questions about food then learn how to cook with it!
  • Students keep all projects and lab coats!

Team Building & Problem Based Learning

  • Teams work together to solve problems and record activities in their journals!
  • Kids empowered to adjust recipes to match their preferences or unique dietary needs!

"Farm to Table" Focus

  • Fun curriculum fuels the Superhuman's mind, body and imagination!
  • Includes brief tour of campus Farmers' Market!
  • Lunch included (dietary restrictions considered - foods prepared by students)!
  • Camps fully booked for Summer 2018


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