Featured Success Stories - Group Programs

The information and links presented below, offer some insight into the variety of challenges faced by our Group Program clients and the type of solutions that only an Empowered Wellness group class will deliver:

Mom says our class was the best time and money that she's ever spent!

A woman had made many attempts through the years to find a healthier lifestyle but repeatedly ended up back where she started.  

She attended an introductory Empowered Wellness Group Class and immediately realized that it was uniquely built to last. 

Find out why she now claims that registering for the program has been the best time and money that she's ever spent!



Mom enjoying better eating for self and family!

A busy mom was concerned about the short and long term consequences of her families' picky eating habits and processed food choices. She and her husband signed up for the Empowered Wellness group program and in just a few months, they had gained the confidence, information, and practical skills to achieve the short and long term health goals for the entire family!

Learn how she's also leveraged our unique methods to gain efficiencies, forget about counting calories, and stop stressing over the occasional food splurges!


Frustrated 'Dieting Drop Outs' finally take control!

In a dual income family, Mom and Dad were getting frustrated that their highly processed food staples were negatively impacting the 4 young kids. They tried many programs over the years in hopes of changing their ways and losing weight but always ended back at square one.  

Learn how joining an Empowered Wellness Group Class has finally gotten them off the roller coaster for good and as a result, their whole family has become healthier by leaps and bounds!