We never stray from our core competencies.  Every one of our solutions are designed so that the positive improvements can be sustained long after the program has concluded.  We are passionate about this effort and our team is committed to doing everything in our control to ensure successful outcomes.   


Health Forms for Custom Programs

Please use the forms below to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your initial consultation with Empowered Wellness.

You can download the appropriate form, complete it, and return via email to your Empowered Wellness Coach.  Please send at least one day prior to your consultation when possible so that we can best prepare.  




Assessment Forms for After School Programs

We feel strongly about tracking data in our Enrichment Programs.  Please use the forms below to help us benchmark your child's current knowledge on nutrition / dietary theory (we'll assess them again at program completion).  Parents, please resist the temptation to assist as this is a critical component to gauging your child's personal development and the success of their program.

You can download the forms, complete them and return via email to your program coach or send them in with your student for their first class.