Custom Family Programs

Do you feel that your family is not as healthy as it could be and that you're struggling to get on your ideal track?  Are you becoming more and more concerned about the risks of the current lifestyle?  If so, you're not alone.

Our founder is involved in many community programs and he speaks with parents often on the impact that diet has on health, performance and behavior.  Through custom programs, we have helped many families to create a new dynamic around food and meal time.  Whether you want to improve family health through diet, overcome challenges with picky eaters, thrive in situations where each family member has a different dietary need, or simply get the family to sit down for peaceful dinners without nagging and arguing over food, we have proven solutions!

Clients of our Family Wellness Programs, are commonly seeing the following results: 

  • learning a simple, non-confusing way to educate the whole family on nutrition and make healthier choices
  • helping family members to feel better in their bodies by achieving and maintaining ideal realistic weight
  • creating better dietary habits with picky eating children which can lead to better health, performance, and behavior
  • learning to cook 1 time for 3 meals instead of cooking 3 times for each meal
  • enjoying new ideas for healthy school lunches and snacks
  • considerable financial savings with food budget

The Family Wellness Programs typically include:

  • a customized hands-on program with two to three sessions per month
  • a custom Playbook, intended to keep the family on the same page with goals and progress, that is updated after each session
  • e-mail support between sessions
  • access to the EmpowermentPortal* with exclusive content and community access
  • our personal commitment to supporting you in making the dietary and lifestyle changes you want 
  • access to our newsletter with the latest health tips

Would you like to learn more?  We invite you to set up a free initial consultation.  In the session, we can discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how to best support you in achieving your goals.