Featured Case Studies - Custom Programs

The information and links presented on this page offer some insight into the variety of challenges faced by our clients and the custom, goal oriented solutions that Empowered Wellness will deliver:

Dad with hereditary cholesterol takes control of destiny!

A 40 year old father of 2 young kids was concerned about how much of his children's lives he'd get to see due to what he described as unavoidable hereditary cholesterol issues that had inflicted significant damage on his family.

Find out how this fairly typical corporate-American dad dramatically improved his cholesterol numbers within just 3 months and took control of his destiny!  

Working woman loses 50 lbs in 6 months and keeps it off!

A tired and achy working woman lost her energy and was approaching obesity. Over the years she tried over 10 commercial weight loss strategies and prepared meal plans. Nothing was working and she didn't know what to do next. 

Learn how she lost 50 pounds in 6 months, dramatically improved her energy, and believes that she'll never go back to the old ways.  

Parents finally get picky eating kids on healthier track!

A family found themselves in a position where the children dictated the menus and healthy items were practically non-existent.  The kids threw tantrums and refused to eat nutritious foods.  The parents became desperate as matters got worse when they started going to school.

Find out how this family had everyone eating healthy foods within months!


Former athlete empowered to get in the best shape of his life at 45!

In April 2012, this tech guy set out to get healthy but with all of the conflicting nutritional information online, he didn't know what to believe. By June 2013, his energy was very low, he had trouble concentrating and was completely frustrated after all of the physical work and sacrifices made over the year.  

Find out how this 45 year old former college athlete got empowered to be in the best shape of his life!