Case Study - Group Class Members

Mom enjoying better eating for herself and the entire family!

Empowered Wellness has given us the confidence and practical skills to meet our families’ goals for improved wellness.
— Jean Ballard

The Challenge:
I am a 46-year-old mother of three kids, including two early teens and a ten-year old.   As a family, we were eating too many processed foods.  Additionally, we were dealing with picky eaters who were set in their ways.  Concerned about the short and long-term consequences of these choices, we decided that it was time to get help finding easy ways to incorporate fresh, nutritious foods into our lives.  Additionally, I wanted to start enjoying foods more and feel less concerned on a daily basis with how many calories they contained.
The Solution:
My husband and I got hooked during an introductory Empowered Wellness class and both signed up for the group program. The curriculum was designed to help members integrate more nutritious foods into their unique routines in efficient ways!  That was key for us, as we spend most nights carting the busy family around to practices and events. Sharing and interacting with other group class members turned out to be an enjoyable and beneficial dynamic.
The Results:
Although each of us had previously struggled to eat even 1 or 2 of the recommended 5-7 fruits and vegetables each day, we now have no issues getting our full allotment in!  Family mealtimes are more enjoyable now that we’ve employed some kid-friendly Empowered Wellness strategies teaching nutrition to kids and overcoming picky eaters.  The kids have actually bought into the messaging!  My husband, who was initially reluctant to sign up due to his demanding schedule, has finally achieved some goals that were elusive for years.
I’ve personally gained some efficiencies with the new knowledge on how to strategically approach a grocery store and plan meals on the spot without the need for pre-planning and lists.  Empowered Wellness has given me the confidence to prepare delicious food without complex recipes.  I’ve learned not to concern myself with splurging or calorie counting since I know I’ll return to healthy eating.  After our summer vacation where we weren’t able to control all of the food choices, I looked forward to resuming my normal healthy routine whereas I traditionally regretted having to go back on another diet. I’ve always had high cholesterol but Empowered Wellness has positioned me to take control of it!
The Quote:
“We are enjoying and feeling great eating more foods that our bodies need! Empowered Wellness has given us the confidence and practical skills to meet our families’ goals for improved wellness.  With obesity and disease growing in America, we’re thrilled to impart reasonable nutritious eating practices that our children can take with them in life and impart to their own families some day.  Food and cooking are now fun and stress-free.”