Case Study - Group Class Member

Frustrated 'Dieting Drop Outs' finally make a lasting change!

Our family’s nutrition is something we have taken control of and will continue to reap the benefits of in a multitude of ways!
— Christy Banks

The Challenge:  
My husband and I have tried for years to lose weight using a variety of programs but always ended up back at square one or worse.  Desperation mounted with each failed attempt, as we realized that our lifestyle of eating processed food was serving as a model for our four young children.

The Solution:  
An introductory Empowered Wellness class opened our eyes to the changes that needed to be made and the simplified approach made it seem possible even for this pair of “dieting drop outs.” The group class provided instruction on easy and efficient ways to integrate more whole foods into all of our family meals, including our traditional favorites.  Guidance from the instructor and sharing our situation with the group, helped us to create practical solutions to our unique situation at home.

The Results:  
The best part of this experience is that we aren’t on a diet!  We have progressively altered how we view food and make better choices as a result, starting with what we choose to bring into the house from the grocery store.  In a hectic household of full time working parents and regular kids’ activities, this program has actually made things easier.  My husband and I continue to marvel at how much better we feel!  We have more energy and just feel GOOD.  We are losing pounds and inches while eating normal meals without having to count calories or feel deprived.  Confidence in the fact that we are making informed decisions about our family’s nutrition is an added bonus.  Our family as a whole is healthier by leaps and bounds than when we started this class!

It gets better!  With some tools picked up from Ryan in our class, we’ve overcome picky eating habits of our kids, who have finally made the connection and feeling pride about keeping their bodies healthy and strong.  Based upon our family discussions and watching what my husband and I are doing, we are extremely pleased to hear our children verbalize their understandings of why one food choice is better than another.

The Summary:
We are thankful for the opportunities to change our lives, provided by our experiences in the unique Empowered Wellness class.  Our family’s nutrition is something we have taken control of and will continue to reap the benefits of in a multitude of ways!