Case Study - Custom Individual Program

Dad with hereditary cholesterol takes control of his destiny!

I’ve taken control of my own destiny and am doing it in a way that doesn’t feel like dieting...
— Scott S.

The Challenge:  
A 42 year old father of 3 young kids was concerned about how much of his children's lives he'd get to be part of due to what he described as unavoidable hereditary cholesterol issues that had inflicted significant damage on his family. Doctors had prescribed various medications through the years that lowered his cholesterol numbers but they remained at concerning levels. He believed that it was just a matter of time before a heart attack would threaten his own future.
Although he grew up with a nutritionist for a mother and his new family ate the majority of dinners at home, this dad's demanding schedule had him running behind most days.  Unexpected home and work tasks more often than not had led to canceling a morning workout, having only coffee for breakfast, and lunch sandwiches and soda at the local cafe.  It didn't seem too abnormal since this was a common diet amongst his peers.     
The Solution:  
This busy dad enrolled in a custom Empowered Wellness Program designed with separate goals for himself and his wife. They would have individual monthly coaching sessions to help them work through challenges and joint monthly hands-on sessions customized to give them nutritional guidance and practical skills for being more proactive with meal planning and preparation.  
The Result:  
Within only three months, this fairly typical corporate-American dad was consistently having oatmeal and nutrient dense smoothies for breakfast every day, crowded out some coffee and soda, replaced those deli lunches with Superfood Salads prepared at home and he and his wife were enjoying cooking their traditional meals in diverse ways. Even without making a significant increase in fitness (he's still experimenting with different ideas to find something sustainable), he was sleeping better, feeling more energy during the day and he'd already achieved his realistic weight loss goal!
Blood work demonstrated a decrease in total cholesterol from 171 to 161, Triglycerides from 79 to 57, LDL from 110 to 93 and another big win with raising the good HDL from 45 to 57.  All within 3 months of adjusting a few meals per day in ways that he finds delicious.  He's excited to watch the numbers continue to drop due to these adjustments and including more fitness over time.   
The Quote:  
"I've taken control of my own destiny and am doing it in a way that doesn't feel like dieting.  I still have the occasional cheese steak without feeling guilty because 90% of the time I'm eating great food that I prepared at home and having fun doing it. I think that the numbers speak for themselves as to how much diet impacts our health...”

Update (1 year after program completion):  
"I had my physical yesterday and cholesterol numbers are as good as they've ever been!  Doc said that I can stop taking Niacin and reduce my Lipitor from 40-20 mg (just need to do blood work in six months to ensure all is in order tied to reduction).  I still struggle finding ways to fit exercise into my weekly schedule, so we can attribute the improvements solely to the small adjustments in my daily food choices, that have become even easier and tastier as my kitchen skills have improved and I've gotten used to the simple routine."