Case Study - Group Class Member

52-year-old Mom finally able to make sustainable change: money and time I’ve spent!
— Cindy Denny

The Challenge:
I am a 52-year-old mother of two grown children, married for 25 years and a cancer survivor of 20 years.  I have continued to cook the same way for years, meals full of unhealthy ingredients and processed foods.  Since there is risk of future heart problems from the radiation, I decided that it was time for me to finally change my ways of cooking and stop eating out so often.  I needed to start preparing healthy, balanced meals.  I have tried to lose 15 pounds over the years and make better food choices but no matter what I’ve tried, it wasn’t long before I resumed my unhealthy choices when eating and preparing foods.

The Solution:
When I heard about the Empowered Wellness class and their one-of-a-kind approach, I quickly signed up for an introductory session. It didn’t take long to confirm just how different their approach was and that the nutritional / practical skill lessons were designed to ensure sustainable improvements.  I registered for the full program; where group classes were held twice a month at my club.  We received practical, realistic guidance that could be adapted to our unique situations outside of class and gradually integrated into our routines.

The Results:
The result was more than I ever knew possible at my age!

  • I’ve lost 14 pounds (and still losing)!
  • Lost body fat (30% body fat last year to current 18% body fat)!
  • I went from 4 diet cokes per day to 0 sodas!
  • I stopped eating fast food completely without feeling deprived!
  • I now know how to grocery shop productively and cook similar meals to what we always have eaten but I have some tips on how to make them more efficiently, more diverse, more healthy and all while enjoying the taste as much as ever!

The best part is Ryan helped me realize that I do not have irritable bowel syndrome (diagnosed at age 22) but actually it’s a gluten intolerance! Now that I am gluten free, GI symptoms I had for years have completely disappeared!

The Summary:

I haven’t felt this healthy and energized in years!  I will never need or want to attend another Weight Watchers meeting!  Empowered Wellness has provided me with the motivation to continually give myself new challenges and provided me with the knowledge to obtain them!  Grocery shopping and cooking has become a new enjoyable hobby, not the old dreaded chores they use to be.  It was the best feeling walking into the doctor office and the doctor saying, “Wow, you have lost a lot of weight.  We need to lower your thyroid medication”.  I’m anxious to receive my blood results because this time I know I will be able to submit them to my health insurance company and have my premiums lowered!  Empowered money and time I’ve spent!”