We can’t get over this amazing program! We’ve got 4 kids and are Summer Camp veterans...this is the best camp we’ve seen. Keep up the great work!
— Jenny Lynch
Based on the unique theme, great staff and feedback from our daughter and her friend, we’ve got to rate this as the top camp in the region. Your passion resonates in every part of this program! Thanks!
— Kate Winslow
I wanted to share that our son can’t wait to come back to camp each day. He’s so excited about the projects and refers to this as “The Greatest Camp in the Universe”! Best camp in the area might not be a stretch...great job!
— Erika Sommers
We wanted to thank you all for making our daughter’s birthday so special. She’s been grinning from ear to ear since camp but it was especially huge yesterday. You all have gone above and beyond and she is loving it. I also appreciate that the food nutrition lessons are what I’ve been telling her all along but now it’s finally getting through!
— Jenn Page
Just want to let you know that my daughter, Sofie LOVES your camp very, very much. She talks about it all day long and ‘hosts’ it in play dates. I personally look forward to hearing from her and reading your emails everyday. Your camp is just so unique and well organized. (have kiss and ride drop-off in the morning!? how thoughtful you are)!

Today, she told me that she had the best meatballs EVER!! Again, you made our kitchen activities different in a fun way!
— Candy Ferrell
I’d like to take a moment to let you know how pleased we were with the Restaurant Camp. Our daughter has always been interested in cooking and good nutrition, and your camp took her awareness of proper nutrition up several notches. She has been carefully monitoring the sugar content of everything we eat and has been extremely disciplined over the past week in limiting processed sugar intake. It’s making us reexamine our habits and strive to do better to eat right and remain healthy. She also gained a lot from the experience of working in a real restaurant and being treated as an older child capable of higher responsibility.
— Lillian Yob
Both of our girls had such a positive experience at Cooking camp this summer! There is lots of discussion about making healthy choices and balancing flavors and textures in meals, they’re more eager to try new foods / recipes, and they’re excited to use their kid friendly knives to help with food prep.

Thank you and the EW team for a fun-filled, hands-on and educational week - we look forward to what you will cook up for next summer!
— Wendy Duncan
My son had such a good time at camp, he’s already decided to go back next summer! Recently at a restaurant, he noticed the information on the menu about locally sourced produce and meat. He spent most of the time reading that info and explaining why it was important. He’s also asking about ingredients when we do groceries.

Additionally, he has definitely taken more of an interest in preparing meals! Brennan had been making his own oatmeal in the mornings (plain) but he now adds different things to it (like nuts and dried fruits) and he likes to help cook dinner a few nights a week. At first, I was uncomfortable letting him work the gas stove but he’s a pro now. He scrambles eggs on the weekends for everyone and of course, adds stuff to them! Sometimes that doesn’t work out so well- a little too much green onion last sunday but he loves to experiment instead of using recipes. He’s thinking like a real chef! Thanks again!
— Barbara Hamill
I keep hearing “one ingredient is better than many ingredients” from both of my kids...constantly!:^) They also read ingredients on food labels now. There is new confidence when they make food choices in the house and in restaurants. We use the recipes often, especially the delicious but healthy smoothies. How’s that for an impact?!

Alicea and Ezekiel enjoyed the camp very much and I will definitely consider other programs offered by your company!
— E. Lorraine Bell
I am so grateful for your camp and it’s influence on my kids! Alex requested and helped to make a couple of the recipes for her birthday party!

It was definitely a week of going outside of the comfort zone for David:-). He can be a picky eater and we’ve definitely noticed that he’s more open to trying things since camp! He wasn’t feeling well and stayed home from camp on Thursday and I said “OK, if you are home with me, you have to help me bake cookies.” His response: “every good chef would use something sweet, something salty, something crunchy and something chewy!” So cute. Oh, and the knives are awesome! Thanks!
— Jen Krieger
Dane has been doing a lot of cooking! He’s been utilizing the skills he learned over the summer by trying new spices in dishes and changing the way that he prepares them. Please let us know any programs that will be offered this summer!
— Marylouise Urban
Aubrey really enjoyed the summer camp cooking class! She still loves to cook and has used some of the recipes from the camp and prepared a meal for the family. She loved the art component too. Thanks again for making it such a memorable experience for her this summer!
— Tammee Auerbach
Samuel had a fun time at your camp. He is continuing to practice his skills :) He and I are now hoping to take a Parent/Child cooking class together this fall — should be fun!
— Janet Marco
My boys loved restaurant camp and (4 months later) continue to be more open to trying new foods, in addition to helping in the kitchen. When they eat something, they try to identify the type of food: “this has tomatoes and basil like in Italian food.”

My husband and I went out for the evening a few weeks ago (fairly rare for us), and I told the boys we were going out to dinner. My son asked if it was a casual or formal restaurant, what type of menu it would be, and then proceeded to tell me the difference between the types. When I asked him how he knew all of this, he said, “Duh, mom, I learned it at Restaurant Camp!”
— Katie Geiser-Bush
We got excellent feedback from both of our boys about day 1 of camp. Even our older one who only went under protest is now excited about it. They LOVED the food. Last night we made smoothies at home - twice!
— Julie Kirkwood
You have truly inspired our daughter! She made scrambled eggs, chicken parmesan and more for us! She really enjoyed your great camp and I’m hoping the nutritional development sticks...we’ll look forward to seeing more from you guys.
— Vinodhini Kudva
Thank you so much for the wonderful week at camp that you provided for our son. He already enjoyed cooking but after this week he is fired up! We just finished a meal of Shanghai Meatballs with Sesame Noodles, and next up we are making Bombay Popcorn for our movie snack. So delicious and best of all, he is so excited to make these delicacies for us. In addition, he has been creating his own versions of things like guacamole and hummus this week, inspired by your instructions for adjusting recipes!

We also want to thank you for the professional manner in which your camp was conducted - every coach made a point to welcome Chris each morning and the professionalism carried through the entire week. He is referencing his cookbook often. Thank you and your team so much for a great experience!
— Kate and Tom Horan