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We're often asked about the foods that we choose and eat, so our founder made a project of taking pictures of some of the meals that they prepared as a family and ate at home.  He believes that each meal or snack time is an opportunity to nourish your body with foods that make help you perform better and that lead to better short and long-term health.  

As you scroll through, you should notice a theme that the proteins, grains, veggies and fruits aren't always separated on their plates. Meals are architected to maximize the number of whole foods that can be integrated.  Of course, they're adventurous with cuisines, flavors, textures and seasonal food options!  

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links to content we've written for other sites & newsletters:

Fairfax County Public School Newsletters - Answers to common wellness questions from students and busy parents!

  • Ask the Coach - September:
    • PARENTS:  "Dear Coach, my growing kids come home from school and eat everything in the house!  I'm buying in bulk but still having a hard time keeping up...any tips?"  
    • KIDS :   "Hey coach, I hear that chocolate milk is a good drink for athletes / active kids and I'm not sure if I should have that or sports drinks when playing games or exercising.  What should I drink?" 
  • Ask the Coach - October:
    • PARENTS: Dear Coach, Halloween is just around the corner and we're wondering which candies are healthiest for our kids...any tips?  
    • KIDS : Hey Coach, I hear that it's good to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables but I don't like a lot of them, is it really that important? 
  • Ask the Coach - November:
    • PARENTS: Dear Coach, with the holidays quickly approaching, I'm getting anxiety thinking about taking a step backwards with my health goals and weight management...any tips?  
    • KIDS: Hey Coach, we eat microwavable oatmeal in the morning because we don't have time to make the real thing on the stove.  We don't want to eat all of the processed ingredients in the instant stuff any ideas?
  • Ask the Coach - December:
    • PARENTS:  Dear Coach, can food allergies develop as time goes by?  
    • KIDS:   Hey Coach, should I only eat organic fruits and veggies?  
  • Ask the Coach - January:
    • PARENTS:  Dear Coach, I'm already slipping with New Year's diet resolutions...what am I doing wrong?  
    • KIDS :   Hey Coach, what should I order when we go out to eat?
  • Ask the Coach - February:
    • PARENTS: Dear Coach, it's too expensive to eat healthy, so why...
    • KIDS: Hey Coach, I found a sparkling fruit it better than regular water since it has fruit?  
  • Ask the Coach - March:
    • PARENTS:  Dear Coach, after the last newsletter, I checked out your BLOG / Instagram page and was intrigued with the side dish strategy!  Can you elaborate?
    • KIDS:  Hey Coach, I looked at the gummies label and it actually doesn't have calories from it it good for me?
  • Ask the Coach - April:
    • PARENTS: Dear Coach, the easter baskets had us wondering what might be worse: too much candy or too many eggs? 
    • KIDS : Hey Coach, someone said that calories eaten at night are worse for you than ones eaten early in the day, is she right? 
  • Ask the Coach - May:
    • PARENTS: Dear Coach, we're constantly running around to practices.  Any tips for preparing meals on limited time?
    • KIDS : Hey Coach, when can I start helping in the kitchen?  

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