Adult Group Classes

Our popular group CLASSES ARE FINALLY online! 

" money and time I've spent!"               - Cindy Denny  

" money and time I've spent!"
             - Cindy Denny

The popular, "one-of-a-kind" Empowering Wellness series of classes that had been available for years exclusively through our DC Metro health club partners is finally available online. This program has been recruited for a food-television series but we're keeping it online to provide users FREE support tools, schedule flexibility to watch on demand, and community engagement!

This is "not a nutrition lecture." Today's hectic lifestyles make it difficult to achieve your family health goals. In this breakthrough program, you adjust the carefully crafted lessons to your own unique home situation as we focus on giving busy people and families practical tips that are proven to create efficiencies and achieve health goals more easily, even when dealing with family members with evolving dietary requirements or picky eating habits.

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If you register for the series after taking the first online trial class, you'll receive a class for FREE!  


Still unsure if this is right for you?  

If a few of the following factors apply, then you should benefit greatly from our group classes:

◽️   "My family is so busy, 24 hours / day isn't enough."

◽️   "I struggle with the time, energy & skills it takes to plan and prepare 3 meals daily."

◽️   "I'm frustrated with the conflicting mainstream nutritional guidance, dietary theories and everyone telling me what to eat. What do I really need to know and what is just noise?"

◽️   "I'd like some new ideas for efficiently offering more nourishing breakfasts, lunch boxes, snacks and dinners in diverse and delicious ways."

◽️   "My family has picky eaters and / or members with unique and evolving dietary requirements."

◽️   "My family would benefit from eating fewer prepared or processed foods."

◽️   "I've suffered through diets but long-term results haven't matched the effort and sacrifices!"

◽️   "We've tried to make lifestyle changes to improve wellness but eventually go back to old ways."